OREANDA-NEWS No excess of the radiation background on the territory of the Energodar after the destruction of the radiation control post of the Zaporizhia NPP, located in the settlement of Velikaya Znamenka, was recorded, the FMBA of Russia reported.

"Due to the destruction of the Zaporozhye NPP radiation control post by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, located in the settlement of Velikaya Znamenka (distance from Energodar is more than 40 km), the Mobile Radiation Control Laboratory of the branch of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology No. 33 of the FMBA of Russia is monitoring the radiation situation in the territory of Energodar. No excess of natural background values has been detected," the agency's press service said in a statement on Wednesday.

The functioning of the Federal Agency's divisions in Energodar is carried out as normal, the press service added.

The fact that the radiation control post was destroyed in Velikaya Znamenka was reported earlier on Wednesday by representatives of the NPP.

"The radiation control post in Velikaya Znamenka was completely destroyed as a result of artillery shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. NPP specialists have carried out a number of compensating measures to control the radiation situation in the area of the station location," the ZAES telegram channel says.