OREANDA-NEWS  At first, it belonged to an employee of the Queen Mother's household - the woman saved the dessert with cling film. It is reported by the BBC. 

The piece was cut from one of 23 formal wedding cakes. It is glazed with the royal coat of arms in gold, red, blue and silver. It is known that there have been attempts to sell the cake in the past. The dessert was first put up for auction in 2008 and is now purchased by Jerry Leighton during an online auction. 

Leighton plans to go to Gloucestershire for cake from Yorkshire next week to make sure the cake is in good condition. Bidders from the Great Britain, the USA and a number of countries in the Middle East have shown interest in the royal delicacy. Online trading started at £ 300 and quickly rose to a winning bid of £ 1,850.

The dessert was kept in an old cake tin. The lid bore the words "Caution - Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Wedding Cake" and the date was July 27, 1981.