OREANDA-NEWS. A real "ghost ship" with 20 human bodies on board was found in the ocean near the British islands of Turks and Caicos in the West Indies. All people were dead. Local law enforcement agencies and authorities are trying to establish the identity of the victims, found in the boat, as well as the cause of their strange death.

According to the local newspaper Turks and Caicos Sun, a local fisherman noticed a small vessel off the coast of Grand Turk Island last Thursday, June 24. He reported about his findings to the police.

As it is specified, the bodies on board already were in the process of decomposition. It is clarified that out of 20 dead who were in the boat, two were children. Police spokeswoman Takara Bain said that the reasons for the deaths are not yet clear, but, apparently, we are not talking about a violent death.

At the moment, there is a version that the boat arrived from the Caribbean region. The Turks and Caicos Islands, southeast of the Bahamas archipelago, 144 kilometers north of Haiti, was not a destination.

Local security officials are trying to establish the identity of the victims and the cause of their death. Investigative and interrogative measures are being taken about the boat, the people who were in it, the reasons for their presence on board and the place where they were going.