OREANDA-NEWS. OMG plc (LSE: OMG), the technology group providing Computer Vision products and services for the entertainment, life science, engineering industries and consumer electronics markets, announces that Vicon, its motion capture technology division, is launching two new cameras, Vero and Vue. Both new additions are based on the industry leading technology of Vicon's flagship camera platform, Vantage.


Vicon Vero is an optical high-resolution camera range, offering a new level of power, performance, flexibility and value for money to a wide range of applications in the motion capture market. From robotics to visual effects, the need for up-to-the-minute information during motion capture shoots has never been greater. To meet this need, Vero features on-board sensors that continuously monitor performance, camera position and temperature, enabling the user to ensure optimal performance at all times. 

The Vero range includes a custom-made variable focus lens that delivers an optimised field of view, as well as an industry-leading 2.2 megapixel camera. The highly efficient and flexible system makes it ideal for capturing fast sport movements and multiple actors or objects with very low latency.


Vicon Vue is the industry's first full High Definition synchronised video camera, providing clear and precise video footage in the mocap volume. It also enables seamless calibration between optical and video volumes, ensuring the optical and video views are perfectly aligned to capture the finest of details.  

Unveiling the new cameras Nick Bolton, CEO of Oxford Metrics, said:

"I am pleased to see the launch of Vero and Vue, encompassing technology from Vicon Vantage which has been received exceptionally well by both new and existing customers. Both cameras integrate easily with Vicon's established camera range, making our technology more widely accessible, at an attractive price point. These advancements highlight our continued success in driving forward innovation and validate our ongoing commitment to delivering flexible yet powerful solutions to the motion capture market."