OREANDA-NEWS. CloudCall Group Plc (AIM: CALL), a leading cloud-based software and communications business, announces the launch of 'CloudCall Local Presence'.  This new technology allows CloudCall customers to ensure that anyone they call will see a 'local' number ringing, thus enhancing the likelihood that they will answer the phone and thereby improve the performance of an outbound calling team.

CloudCall's proprietary algorithm automatically identifies the destination that is being called and then replaces the calling number (the CLI) with the closest available local number.  When ringing a mobile, the algorithm can even select another mobile number to display. The Directors believe that this has the result of increasing call pickup rates and can lead to demonstrably greater productivity for sales teams.  

The service is fully connected to Google Maps and creates highly visual and insightful charting and analytical reporting, including the ability to show users the optimum time to call a prospect or customer across geographic and other parameters. 

CloudCall Local Presence is compatible with CloudCall's existing CRM integrations and the Board believes this is the first time this technology has been available for anyone dialling from a recruitment CRM such as Bullhorn.

Simon Cleaver, CEO, commented: "This is an exciting and important product launch for us.  We are already witnessing demand from new and existing customers so I would expect to see this translate into revenue which will be showing in our numbers in the coming months. This functionality should also further enhance our relationships with the recruitment industry, where we have a strong presence.  Recruitment companies tend to be prolific outbound callers and a product that can demonstrably improve their call pickup rates should decrease their costs and generate a fast return on their investment."