OREANDA-NEWS. Following the statement of 28 April 2016 in which WANdisco (LSE: WAND) announced it had entered into a non-exclusive OEM ('Original Equipment Manufacturer') sales agreement with IBM for the company's Fusion product, WANdisco is pleased to update that IBM released Big Replicate 2.0 (IBM's rebranded version of Fusion) on June 23rd as a generally available product.

David Richards, WANdisco Chief Executive, comments:

"The announcement of the general release for the rebranded Fusion product by IBM marks the start of an exciting opportunity for WANdisco. IBM is one of the global leaders in big data and cloud services, and utilises a strong sales team which potentially creates a material new route to market for WANdisco."

In conjunction with the release of Big Replicate 2.0, IBM has a dedicated product page on its website
http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/en/ibm-big-replicate .  Example marketing collateral for Big Replicate 2.0 can also be found on the IBM website at:  http://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?htmlfid=XID12353USEN .

About WANdisco plc

WANdisco (LSE: WAND) is a provider of enterprise-ready, non-stop software solutions that enable globally distributed organizations to meet today's data challenges of secure storage, scalability and continuous availability. WANdisco's products are differentiated by the company's patented, active data replication technology, serving crucial continuous availability requirements, including Hadoop Big Data and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), including Apache Subversion and Git. Fortune Global 1000 companies, including Juniper Networks, Motorola, Intel and Halliburton, rely on WANdisco for performance, reliability, security and availability.