OREANDA-NEWS. Dell today announced a technology partnership with Securonix to improve the security of data in Active Directory (AD) and other enterprise application environments. The partnership combines the unique insights delivered by the Dell Change Auditor product with actionable security intelligence capabilities provided by Securonix.

AD is an attractive target for cyber criminals because it is the most widely used enterprise repository of user account and password credentials. The AD-Securonix integration means organizations can rest assured that the keys to their critical data are protected by the most advanced security analytics solution on the market.

Dell is committed to delivering solutions to market that arm organizations with the identity analytics and intelligence capabilities needed to safeguard against today’s threat landscape. Dell’s partnership with Securonix gives customers the much needed insight into their Microsoft Infrastructure and Identity Management domains.

Securonix is the pioneer of user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) for cyber security. The company’s products combine the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence with advanced anomaly detection techniques to accurately predict, prevent, detect and respond to threats in real time.

Data security breaches have become increasingly sophisticated and common, and hackers usually initiate them by compromising and exploiting AD user credentials to gain access to sensitive data. Combine this with the time-consuming, cumbersome processes for change reporting and access logging for AD and enterprise applications, and organizations struggle with:

  • Keeping on top of the massive amounts of audit data generated by users ? from correlating it to establishing a baseline for ‘normal activity’ for all employees.
  • Finding and determining activity that is considered abnormal and may be indicative of an internal threat or external breach is difficult, and sometimes nearly impossible.
  • Lack of controls to secure the environment, leaving gaps for internal and external breaches that can mean significant financial losses, as well as damage to the company’s reputation.

Technology partnership improves security of data in AD environments

Dell Change Auditor delivers easy-to-digest logs for AD and Windows environments to help IT, security and compliance teams audit, alert, protect and report on user and administrator activity, configuration, and application changes. It helps enterprises prevent the risk of system downtime, misuse of sensitive data, failed audits and security breaches, while ensuring business management can prove to auditors and internal stakeholders that compliance and security policies are enforced throughout the organization. Securonix is a security intelligence platform that relies on signature-less technology for the detection, monitoring, investigation and management of information security threats and risks. It uses a behavior-based threat prediction, detection and prevention engine that mines, enriches, analyzes, prioritizes, and transforms machine data into actionable intelligence. Combining the strengths of Change Auditor and Securonix enables customers to:

  • Cut through all the noise and identify potential security threats and breaches much faster.
  • Close potential security gaps by providing critical information on where and when change activities occurred, as well as from whom and what device the change originated.
  • Speed resolution of security issues and identify misconfigurations, enabling a better understanding and forensic analysis of events and trends.