OREANDA-NEWS. A German company BioNTech develops software for the management of the national vaccination. According to the «Der Spiegel» publication with reference to the company, it is actually ready. The program, in particular, will monitor the delivery and distribution of the vaccine. The pilot project is expected to be tested in Bavaria.

At the same time, Germany introduces temporary frontier controls on the border with the Czech Republic and certain regions of Austria. It will take effect from Sunday, February 14. In the Czech Republic and the Austrian Tyrol, new mutations of the coronavirus are spreading rapidly.

«Bavaria» footballer Thomas Muller, who was tested positive for the coronavirus the day before, will return from Qatar to Munich separately from the team. According to «Bild», the club uses a private plane for this purpose, in which the player will be completely isolated from the crew members. After returning to Munich, Muller will go into quarantine. The day before in Doha, «Bayern» won the FIFA Club World Cup and became the second club in history to win six titles in one season.