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08.05.2023, 08:09
Russians in 2022 began to get sick more – the total incidence increased by almost 4% compared to 2021, the primary – by almost 5%
20.04.2023, 08:15
Medical organizations in Russia are 100% provided with donor blood components, the procurement of whole donor blood in 2022 increased by 8.8%
19.04.2023, 07:35
The updated coronavirus vaccine will appear in Russia by August-September, but, as experience shows, its composition needs to be updated every 10 months
02.03.2023, 12:17
The enhanced control established by Rospotrebnadzor has not revealed cases of Marburg fever in Russia, said the head of the department Anna Popova.
30.01.2023, 11:18
Advance purchase of medicines and the creation of a reserve for at least four months occur in Russian medical institutions before each seasonal rise in morbidity
13.12.2022, 12:50
Sales of medicines for influenza and ARVI in Russia increased by 12% from November 28 to December 11 compared to the previous two weeks - up to 9.7 million packages.
13.12.2022, 12:47
Swine flu - strain A(H1N1)-2009 - was detected in 82 regions of Russia, the press service of Rospotrebnadzor told reporters on Tuesday following a conference call in the department.
08.12.2022, 11:09
The incidence of HIV infection in Russia is decreasing, in 2021 it decreased by 2% compared to 2020, the press service of the Ministry of Health of Russia reported.
06.12.2022, 11:58
Experts have recorded swine flu in 74 regions of Russia, the press service of Rospotrebnadzor reported.  "The proportion of rhinoviruses (13.3%), MS viruses (12.0%), metapneumoviruses (10.1%), adenoviruses (7.2%)
30.06.2022, 13:20
The infection was found in a 37-year-old patient with immunodeficiency.
05.05.2022, 14:23

The cause of death was cardiac arrest, reports the representative of the Yerevan State Medical University Shushan Danielyan.

25.04.2022, 16:52

The UK government has completed an internal investigation into the circumstances of the Downing Street parties, which were attended by the current Prime Minister.

25.04.2022, 11:17

Kane survived two world wars and saw the reign of five emperors, starting with the reformer Emperor Meiji and ending with his great-grandson, the current Emperor Naruhito.

08.04.2022, 17:13

More than a million Russians have died.

01.04.2022, 13:58

According to the company Truth Initiative, in one of the most popular streaming series — The Queen's Gambit and The Umbrella Academy — a total of 425 smoking scenes were shown.


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