OREANDA-NEWS. Kiev's statements about Russia's intention to seize Ukraine after the commissioning of Nord Stream 2 caused an active discussion among the readers of the Bulgarian newspaper Fakti.

Most users called such accusations against Russia unfounded, noting that the greatest threat to Ukraine is not the pipeline, but the "inadequate policy of the leadership."

"They, like us, fell for the American and European promises and not only ended relations with Russia, but also began to fight the Russians inside their own country," wrote one of the users, Big, adding that Moscow would not forgive such a thing.

Another commentator under the nickname Perot agreed with him, who recognized Nord Stream 2 as a fait accompli and advised Ukraine to "sit and not twitch."

"Russian gas, what law says that it must pass through Ukraine? If they want it, they will transport it through the moon," he said.

In turn, the reader under the nickname Kcaniba said that the independence of Ukraine depends on "this pipe".

"There is a pipe - there is Ukraine, there is no pipe - there is no Ukraine!" - explained the user.

"Do you understand? Gas prices are growing because of the Ukrainians," another commentator stressed.