As it is stated in the document, this incident happened in Libya in March 2020. The soldiers of the Libyan National Army (LNA) were сome under the fire, they were attacked by a Kargu-2 drone manufactured by STM company.

At the same time, the experts did not specify if anyone died as a result of the drone attack. If, as a result, there were still victims, then this can be called the first time in history when a weapon controlled by artificial intelligence attacked a person without a direct order. 

As it was reported by IA REGNUM, earlier the head of the RF Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu said that it is necessary "to ensure the introduction of artificial intelligence technologies into weapons", which could determine the "promising appearance of the armed forces".He recalled that robotic systems, as well as drones and automated control systems, are increasingly used in combat training.

Mikhail Osyko, a member of the military-industrial commission under the government of the Russian Federation, also said that a department for work with artificial intelligence will be created in Russia. The new structure is planned to be formed by the Russian Ministry of Defense by December 2021.