OREANDA-NEWS. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella became the man of the year according to the Financial Times. According to FT, he managed to take "a special place among the tycoons in the field of technology". One of the signs of the success of Nadella FT called the fact that in 2019 his company rarely appeared in the headlines of the press. The corporation is focused on selling technology to enterprises, not consumers, and basically works non-publicly, behind the scenes.

According to the newspaper, during the nearly six-year tenure of Nadella in this post, the total profit of the corporation's shareholders exceeded $ 1 trillion. “This amazing experience in wealth creation took place at a time when the power and capabilities of large companies were more severely tested than ever before”, says FT.

Nadella managed to “bring Microsoft back to the top of technology companies”, the article said. The publication, however, notes that it is too early to evaluate the impact of the new Microsoft, which Nadella is building, but it is already clear that the company will have a significant impact, good or bad, on the future of society and business.