OREANDA-NEWS. The United States is counting on a protracted conflict in Ukraine from which it will be able to profit, according to an editorial in the Chinese newspaper Global Times.

“After the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, almost all the actions of Washington were reduced to prolonging the conflict, and for this, all kinds of mobilization and “efforts” were undertaken,” the authors of the publication note.

According to the editorial staff of the newspaper, the United States is "using the chaos" in the interests of American arms manufacturers, whose shares are rising significantly. In addition, the publication notes, Washington receives "geopolitical dividends" from manipulating Europe and NATO under the guise of a "Russian threat."

“The US military-industrial complex is the immediate and biggest beneficiary of the prolongation of the conflict,” the authors noted.

Earlier, the Global Times wrote that the United States was luring Russia into a “trap” in Ukraine. The article argued that "the reckless supply of US weapons to Ukraine" does not contribute to a peaceful settlement and only prolongs this conflict.