OREANDA-NEWS. Western sanctions imposed on Russia are hurting globalization and have a negative impact on the future growth of the world economy, writes the Chinese newspaper Global Times. The article notes that such restrictions are a tool to achieve the selfish goals of the White House.

The authors of the publication note that by introducing devastating sanctions, the Americans are getting rid of competitors in world markets.

Threats from the White House have a negative impact on the global economic order and economic security. Western sanctions against Russia have had a profound impact on global energy, food and financial markets.

The authors emphasize that such measures by the American authorities are Washington's tool for imposing the "correct ideology", and thanks to them, they protect their own geopolitical interests, under the slogan of "fighting terrorism, corruption or protecting human rights."

Earlier, the Global Times warned that ill-considered US sanctions against Russia, which in fact are nothing more than another American geopolitical adventure, will lead to the fact that the whole world will have to pay. The publication noted that recent data on rising inflation in the world suggests that this is due to the events in Ukraine and the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions by Western countries.

The Washington Post wrote that the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the United States could serve as a catalyst for further inflation and economic recession in the United States itself. The author of the publication pointed out that the White House's efforts to contain Moscow could backfire on the Biden administration in the upcoming elections due to high inflation.