OREANDA-NEWS. Hacker RootAyyildiz hacked one of the sections of the website of former US President Donald Trump and published there the text of one of the surahs of the Koran and a video with Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to preliminary data, the intruder acted from Turkey. This is reported by VICE.

«Do not be like those who have forgotten Allah and whom He has made forget themselves. They are impious», this text was posted by the hacker. It is noted that one of the sections of Trump's website has been under the control of a hacker for three months. Representatives of the former US president have not yet commented on this information.

Earlier it was reported that hackers who used vulnerabilities in the software of SolarWinds and Microsoft companies gained access to data on the investigation of the US counterintelligence and the US sanctions policy against Russia. At the same time, the American authorities blamed Russian hackers for the hacks.