OREANDA-NEWS. The Spanish police arrested a man who called the emergency services of the country almost 9 thousand times and at the same time just insulted operators. The incident is reported by the Comercio newspaper.

The 49-year-old man was reportedly arrested on 7 May in Oviedo, the capital of the Autonomous Community of Asturias, after being complained about by the service, which receives all calls to the national police on 091.

Later it turned out that from one phone since 2019, 3787 calls were made to phone numbers 091 and 4957, and to the rescue service 112. As the subsequent investigation showed, none of the calls were associated with the real need to call emergency assistance. The only purpose of the caller was to offend the operators and deliberately disturb operators and interfere with the work of services, as the newspaper notes.

The police was able to arrest the suspect as soon as his identity was established. Now this man is accused of disobedience, as he repeatedly ignored the operators' requests to stop such calls and not to occupy the emergency line for those who really need it.

The accused on this charge will be able to face from three months to one year in prison, as the newspaper notes.