OREANDA-NEWS   However, The Sun journalists have at their disposal documents that make fans wonder : does Lynn Spears really want her daughter to be well? Or is she only interested in her own benefit? 

According to James, the father of the pop singer Britney Spears, her mother hasn't taken much part in her daughter's life for the past 13 years.

Spears' lawyers also said that during the entire period of custody, part of the artist's funds went to the maintenance of the mansion in Louisiana, where Lynn lived and continues to live to this day. Paying bills, maid service, related expenses - all of this was spent in the amount of 150 thousand dollars a year. In total, about $ 2 million was spent on Lynn's house.

"The court cannot rely on the unconfirmed statements and speculations of the person with whom Miss Spears avoided talking for most of her adult life", - argued James Spears’ lawyers. In addition, according to them, it was the pop star's father who insisted that Britney and her mother try to mend their tainted relationship.