OREANDA-NEWS. As a result of the riots in Kazakhstan, over a thousand people were injured. This was announced on January 6 by the country's health ministry.

“More than a thousand people in different regions of Kazakhstan suffered as a result of the riots, of which almost 400 were hospitalized, 62 people are in intensive care, the Ministry of Health said. More than 10 medical workers were injured by the actions of the criminals, ”said the news release on the state-run Khabar 24 TV channel.

Earlier that day, it was reported that the military on armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles took the marauding participants in the riots in the center of the largest city of Kazakhstan - Alma-Ata. It was about 50 units of military equipment, they were opposed by about 200 demonstrators. According to journalists, after the cordon, the protesters opened fire on the military, and as a result, a shootout ensued.

Then it became known that dozens of participants in the riots in Alma-Ata were eliminated as a result of an attempt to storm the police building. As Saltanat Azirbek, an official representative of the city's police department, explained, the anti-terrorist operation is taking place in one of the city's districts where administrative buildings are located.

The riots in Almaty did not subside throughout the night. Thus, radical protesters armed themselves and began to loot, destroying shops, pharmacies and banks.

Protests in Kazakhstan began on January 2. Residents of cities, dissatisfied with the rise in the cost of liquefied gas, came to the rallies. Fuel has risen in price from 60 tenge (10 rubles) to 120 (20 rubles) per liter. The authorities set up a government commission and promised to cut prices. The government of Kazakhstan has resigned.