OREANDA-NEWS Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Berlin violated its word given when discussing the scheme for the exchange of tanks with Warsaw, writes Die Welt. According to him, we are talking about Germany's promise to supply Poland with Leopard tanks to replace Polish equipment sent to Ukraine.

“You didn't keep that promise. And frankly, we are very disappointed with this. We have provided Ukraine with a large number of tanks, because we believe that this is our responsibility as a neighbor,” Duda said.

From the point of view of the President of Poland, military assistance to Ukraine weakened the military potential of the Polish side and depleted its military reserves, so Warsaw hoped for the support of Berlin, as well as the United States and NATO as a whole.

“Most of the tank arsenal in the Polish Armed Forces is made up of German tanks of the Leopard type. So if Germany supported us, if we got a replacement, then we would be very happy, ”Duda added, also re-emphasizing that Berlin made a corresponding promise to Warsaw.

Earlier, the media reported that relations between Germany and Poland worsened due to the supply of weapons to Ukraine.