OREANDA-NEWS. In Abkhazia, after 40 days of fasting, a blogger from Russia Vitaly Vygranovsky died.

As TASS was told in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic, information that a man's corpse was found in one of the abandoned houses in the village of Ankhua arrived at the control desk of the police department of the city of Novy Afon on Sunday morning.

Immediately leaving the scene, law enforcement officers found the body of a man with no signs of violent death. As it turned out, it was a blogger from Krasnodar, Vitaly Vygranovsky, who had been on a hunger strike for 40 days.

It is known that after the start of medical fasting, Vitaly came to Abkhazia from the Russian Federation, in his blog he told that he was very weak.

Vygranovsky practiced yoga and had previously been with friends in the village of Ankhua, where they lived in abandoned houses.

Earlier on the air of the Russia 1 TV channel, the famous doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov was asked to talk about the pros and cons of medical fasting, and who is it suitable for. To this the doctor replied categorically: "It does not suit anyone." Alexander Myasnikov made it clear that if a person wants to reduce weight and normalize health, then the consumption of kilocalories per day should not be less than 500, better - 800.