OREANDA-NEWS In the second quarter of 2022, Russians began to actively trade in the items of foreign companies, which announced the suspension of work in Russia. In May, users of social networks, groups in messengers and forums published two and a half times more ads for the sale of Adidas, Zara and other brands than in the same month a year earlier. This was found out by analysts from the marketing agency Sidorin Lab.

The surge in resale ads came on the 20th of May, when the number of messages increased from 1.5 thousand on average to 4 thousand per week. Similar offers were found in more than 30 sources. Over the past year, from the beginning of June 2021 to June 20, 2022 (latest available data), over 82,000 brand mentions were recorded in combination with an offer to sell, 37% of them were published after March 1, 2022.

The category of sportswear and footwear has become the most popular in resales. Since the beginning of March 2022, users have been selling items of Adidas (30% of messages), Nike (27%), Puma (8%) and Reebok (5%) brands. At the same time, the majority of ads (51%) were about the resale of sneakers.

The second place after the sports brands in terms of the frequency of sales announcements, take items of mass market brands. The most popular brands in these ads are Zara and H&M. According to Sidorin Lab analysts, the resale of premium clothing brands, as well as cosmetics and jewelry products, has not received mass distribution on the Web.

The analysts say that the May surge in the number of announcements can be explained by the fact that many brands initially announced temporary store closures for only three months. When consumers realized that stores would not open in the near future, and demand for foreign brands persisted, some of them decided to find an alternative way to earn money in this way.