OREANDA-NEWS. Experts of Russian organization «Roskachestvo» have identified signs of spyware in popular applications for cleaning the phone's memory. Access requests and too many ads were also detected.

Experts analyzed 60 popular applications designed for Android devices. They expressed the opinion that in the Google Play Store, the risk of encountering fraudulent programs is much higher. According to the results of the check, two applications were found in which traces of spyware were most obvious.

It was possible to disable ads only in 4% of cases. In the vast majority of applications, advertising was so interfered with that the user could accidentally click on it, and it is not known, where the banner script leads.

In addition, some applications actually «listen» to the network. So «Cleaner Ultimate-Battery Saver booster & cleaner», «Super Power Cleaner», «Clear Cache & Speed Up Phone» and others require access to phone functions such as taking photos and videos, recording audio via voice recorder. Some also require you to grant them access to geolocation.

The most serious suspicion was caused by two programs: «Speed Cleaner-Phone Booster & Battery Saver» and «Phone Cleaner — Clean Ram & Junk Cleaner & Booster», which request a full package of access, including contacts and call management. The organization explains, that such redundant accesses are signs of «spyware».

Experts advise you to download applications only from official stores, pay attention to user reviews and developer responses, as well as to the access that the program requests during installation. In addition, you should not forget to use an antivirus on your devices.