OREANDA-NEWS. The commanders of the armed forces of Sweden said that the country's army is capable of waging a war with Russia. Their words are quoted by Dagens Nyheter.

"Our potential is sufficient to create military problems even for such a major enemy as Russia," Air Force Commander-in-Chief Karl-Johan Edstrem is convinced.

He added that Moscow began to conduct exercises more often, "not only on a larger scale, but also on more complex ones." The Swedish forces, in turn, will practice strikes on the vulnerable spots of a potential enemy during maneuvers, the military said.

According to the commander of the Swedish ground forces Karl Engelbrektson, the army should prepare for operations in strategically important areas of the country, as well as participate in joint exercises with Finland.

Naval chief Eva Skoog Haslum is convinced that Stockholm "under no circumstances" can stay away from the NATO-Russia conflict. "Our important task is to think over a plan of action in this case and prepare," concluded the rear admiral.

The Cold War formula "outside alliances in peacetime to remain neutral during armed conflict" is a thing of the past. Now Sweden must take part in hostilities alone or as part of an alliance, on the territory of the country and abroad, the article says.

For these purposes, Stockholm plans to further increase funding for the army.