OREANDA-NEWS  The letter sent to the singer's guardians Jamie Spears and Jody Montgomery was published by the Deadline portal.

In a letter, Rudolph said that he last spoke with Britney Spears more than 2.5 years ago, and then the artist admitted that she wanted to pause her career. “Today I learned that Britney has declared her desire to end her career. As you know, I have never been on the guardianship team and had nothing to do with the actions of the guardians, so I am not privy to the details. I was originally hired at Britney's request to help her in her career. As her manager, I believe that my dismissal is in Britney's best interests, since my professional services are no longer needed”, - the manager wrote, wishing the singer health and happiness.

On June 23, Britney Spears spoke at the Los Angeles County Supreme Court via video link calling for the end of her father James Spears' the custody of her. The singer told the court that she had undergone numerous psychiatric examinations and treatment and that her father traumatized her with his control. According to the artist, her parent punished her for refusing to comply with his demands, which made her feel “enslaved”.

In her testimony, Spears also complained about the inability to fulfill her own desires, for example, to take a break from work, get married or have a child again, since these decisions remain with the guardian.

On July 1, the court denied Britney Spears the termination of custody from her own father, American media reported.