OREANDA-NEWS. An “inadequate” regime has been established in Ukraine, under which Kiev can place missiles on the territory of the country in order to use them later, “by blowing itself up, just not to get to Russia,” says Ukrainian politician and blogger Anatoly Shariy. He considers Ukraine a non-negotiable country under such a regime, writes IA SM-News.

Abstracting from everything, I could say [why Russia could attack Ukraine], because I’m sick of the fact that there is an absolutely inadequate regime here, which can put missiles in it, then offer to blow it up, if only Russia would feel bad. This is the wrong mode. And, of course, he is incapable of negotiating if they refused to even quote the Minsk agreements,” Shariy emphasized.

At the same time, the politician believes that this situation is unlikely to be changed peacefully. He recalled that he has a party that is likely to go to parliament. According to him, because of the "inadequate" president, the security forces may begin to come to the deputies to arrest their parents and hold them hostage.

Earlier, the British newspaper The Sun changed the title and text of an article about the beginning of Russia's "invasion" of Ukraine, saying that it could happen "at any time." In the original version, which is available in the cache archive, the time of the invasion was one in the morning GMT (3 am local time) on January 16th.