OREANDA-NEWS Western countries supplied M777 howitzers without GPS systems to Ukraine, fearing that the weapons would fall into the hands of the Russian military. This was reported by a source of the publication LIGA.net in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, writes RIA Novosti.

“The M777 howitzers that Ukraine received from Western partners had the GPS system removed because governments and manufacturers have reservations about storing technology, since there is an understanding that during the war certain types of weapons can be captured by Russia,” the agency clarifies.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the destruction of a platoon of American M-777 howitzers and a platoon of Smerch multiple launch rocket systems in Ukraine. A platoon of 155mm M-777 howitzers on Kubansky Island and a platoon of Smerch multiple launch rocket systems in the Novopokrovskoye area in the DPR were destroyed by missile forces and artillery.

Also earlier, Brigadier General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladimir Karpenko criticized the American 155-mm howitzer M777, which the United States supplied to Ukraine as part of military assistance.