According to the new rules, the service will insert ads in all videos. At the same time, income from advertising on the channels which are not connected to the affiliate program will go entirely to the YouTube budget.

 Volodin appreciated YouTube's decision to insert ads without the knowledge of users "This means that now ads can appear in some of your videos, even if you are not an affiliate. However, you will not receive income from such ads. If the channel achieves the desired indicators, as before, you can join the affiliate program." - the message says.

 In addition, the income of bloggers who live outside the United States, but profit from the views of American viewers, will be taxed. The innovation will apply to revenue from direct views, as well as from YouTube Premium, super chat and sponsorship.

 Under the double taxation agreement between Russia and the United States, Russian authors will not pay additional taxes if they provide the required tax information to the Adsense advertising service. Otherwise, all income can be taxed at a rate of up to 24%.