OREANDA-NEWS. In matters of human rights, the United States should start with itself, and not engage in moralizing others, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova.

"It is not with these indicators to approach moralizing on a global scale. The American partners need to start with themselves," Zakharova wrote in Telegram.

The Foreign Office spokesman recalled that in March this year, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken pledged that "the Administration will tackle human rights violations wherever they occur" because "Joe Biden is committed to putting human rights back at the center of American foreign policy."

After that, the Senate already approved sanctions against China due to alleged violations of the rights of the Uighurs, and the US Treasury introduced restrictions against Belarus "because of human rights violations." Zakharova also noted that the second person in the United States, Vice President Kamala Harris, speaking in the summer at the Brussels forum German Marshall Fund, emphasized the firmness of the United States' position on the protection of human rights: “Wherever and whenever human rights are violated, we must Just as the United States and the EU imposed joint sanctions against China for violations in Xinjiang, just as we did when we spoke out against Russia for an attack on Alexei Navalny. against the President of Belarus for his repression against those who demand democracy and (respect) human rights. "

"America itself is experiencing a severe internal political and social human rights crisis. The increase in the number of murders is the highest in a century, according to experts, and, according to estimates, the largest since the beginning of statistics," the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

She adds that the absolute homicide rate has risen by a third since 2019, returning the country to an era of Los Angeles gangs and Chicago organized crime. “The calculations on racially motivated murders are especially impressive. According to the FBI, the number of crimes against Asians has almost doubled, and one and a half - against African Americans. USA If the trend continues, as sociologists note, then the American dream will not be "to come to success," but "to survive the year," Zakharova concludes.