OREANDA-NEWS The film "Joker" tells the story of the formation of one of the most famous villains from DC comics, received high marks from Western film critics. Its rating in the Rotten Tomatoes portal system is 86 percent based on three dozen reviews.

“This is a truly nightmarish vision of late-era capitalism. Perhaps the best social horror movie ever since "Get Out". Joaquin Phoenix really shines in it,” says Time Out author Phillip DeSemlein.

“Bold, destructive and strangely beautiful, Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix not only rethought one of the most iconic villains in movie history, but also introduced a new kind of comic book movie,” the writer of Empire Magazine Ian Freer says.

"Without aiming to discredit the imaginative vision of the scriptwriters and the director, as well as the merits of technical experts and designers, I note that Phoenix is ​​the main driving force behind the project, which makes Joker so unusual for the film comic book industry," said David Rooney of Hollywood Reporter.

It is noteworthy that there were sharply negative reviews.

“Phillips thinks he presented us with a film about the emptiness of our culture, but in reality, he simply offers a vivid example of this,” said Stephanie Zakarek of Time Magazine.

"If you remove Joker and his almost 80-year history as an icon of our culture, as well as the style of the films of the 70s, from this film, there will be not much more than the role of the Phoenix." - this was wrote by Alfonso Duralde from The Wrap.