02.02.2022, 17:51
The lockdowns that were introduced in Europe and the USA in the spring of 2020 showed little effectiveness.
02.02.2022, 10:33
Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and loss of appetite may indicate the presence of the Omicron strain of coronavirus in the body.
01.02.2022, 15:49
Dozens of children's clinics in Russia are being transferred to round-the-clock operation due to the active spread of the Omicron coronavirus strain among children.
31.01.2022, 16:36
On Monday, Health Secretary Sajid Javid will convene ministers to discuss the impact of a vaccine mandate for healthcare professionals and social care workers.
31.01.2022, 14:32
Beijing officials said Sunday they had sealed off several residential communities north of the city centre after two cases of COVID-19 were found.
28.01.2022, 15:36
When infected with the "Omicron" strain of coronavirus infection, the clinical picture is not much different from the course of an acute respiratory disease.
27.01.2022, 16:05

Melita Vujnovic stated that it is necessary to adjust doses and conduct clinical studies.

27.01.2022, 15:30

The dosage is calculated from the amount of antigen that forms antibodies when interacting with the body.

27.01.2022, 11:47

NeoCov combines the high mortality rate of MERS-CoV and the high rate of spread of the current SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

24.01.2022, 15:49
She clarified that this procedure has «many terrible consequences».
24.01.2022, 13:26

According to him, the pandemic may end this year if the necessary comprehensive measures will be taken.

21.01.2022, 15:15
The increase in those infected with coronavirus over the past day amounted to almost 50 thousand in Russia.
21.01.2022, 10:48
At the same time, the doctor was skeptical about taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
20.01.2022, 11:57
Cloth masks are ineffective against the Omicron strain of coronovirus.
19.01.2022, 16:22

Vaccine passports, the obligation to wear masks in public places and the recommendation to work from home are canceled.


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