06.07.2022, 23:16
The spread of monkeypox is a matter of concern, as more than 6,000 cases of the virus have already been registered in 58 countries around the world, World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Wednesday.
30.06.2022, 13:20
The infection was found in a 37-year-old patient with immunodeficiency.
28.06.2022, 14:08
Russian specialists have discovered a new strain of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in the south of the country.
28.06.2022, 12:01

Portuguese scientists have measured the mutation rate of the monkeypox virus.

17.06.2022, 17:18
The Sensor-Tech laboratory has created a neurochip that restores vision and hearing.
14.06.2022, 13:38
In order not to overeat in the evenings, you need to properly plan your meals and think over the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner in advance.
07.06.2022, 11:28
Baylor College scientists have identified anti-cancer BET protein inhibitors.
30.05.2022, 16:39
Symptoms of COVID-19 will become weaker with the further spread of the virus, said Muniver Gafarova, professor at the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Crimean Federal University.
30.05.2022, 13:33
Physical activity will help Russians overcome stress, as sports reduce the stress hormone cortisol, doctor Andrey Kondrakhin said.
18.05.2022, 14:16
“Unknown fever” from the DPRK is not dangerous for Russians, infectious disease specialist Nikolai Malyshev assured in a conversation with Narodnye Novosti.
26.04.2022, 11:52
Russian scientists from the company Genotek found that the cause of the increased risk of Alzheimer's disease is the APOE gene variant and its genotypes e3 / e4 and e2 / e4, found in 20% of our compatriots.
12.04.2022, 17:05
Careful observance of personal hygiene rules, humidified indoor air and tightly buried windows will help alleviate the symptoms of hay fever without drugs.
11.04.2022, 16:06
You can go to bed at any convenient time, it will not bring any harm to the body, but it is important to get enough sleep.
08.04.2022, 17:13

More than a million Russians have died.

05.04.2022, 13:15
The observed decline in the incidence of COVID-19 in Russia will continue, and in the future people will not even pay attention to outbreaks of coronavirus.


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