31.03.2022, 11:10
This neurological disorder leads to speech disorders, and in some cases affects a person's ability to read, write and understand other people's words.
29.03.2022, 12:09
Doctors will be able to officially announce the end of the pandemic only after a certain period of observation, said immunologist Nikolai Kryuchkov, candidate of medical sciences.
28.03.2022, 18:04
Salads, chicken and brown rice, even in fast food, will be useful, Timur Asanov, a general practitioner of the Vidnovskaya Regional Clinical Hospital, told Radio 1.
21.03.2022, 17:29
Compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 should in no case be canceled either in the world or in Russia.
21.03.2022, 15:25
Immunologist, candidate of medical sciences Nikolai Kryuchkov told Izvestia that a surge in infections with coronavirus BA.2, or “stealth micron”, could occur in Russia in the coming month.
18.03.2022, 16:52
Proteins of the «omicron» strain will be used.
18.03.2022, 13:26
Anthony Delon assumed responsibility for fulfilling his father's will, but his sister Anushka will act as the executor if he has to perform euthanasia.
17.03.2022, 15:49

In 2022, Willis is scheduled to shoot in 10 projects.

16.03.2022, 11:41
In Russia, a new strain of coronavirus "deltacron" has not yet been identified.
25.02.2022, 14:24
Expert in the field of anti-aging surgery, candidate of medical Sciences Ksenia Avdoshenko has debunked several popular myths related to facial surgery.
25.02.2022, 11:15
First Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health Viktor Fisenko stated the normalization of the situation with coronavirus in Russia in the last few days. This was reported by RIA Novosti.
23.02.2022, 11:43
Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko said that two strains of coronavirus, omicron and delta, are circulating in Russia, their ratio is 1 to 2.
21.02.2022, 10:56
The use of analgesics to relieve headaches can lead to the patient ignoring the dangerous condition. Such a warning was made by neurologist Alexander Evdokimov in an interview with Channel Five.
18.02.2022, 11:29
Inna Reshetova, deputy chief physician of the Austrian health center Verba Mayr, said that about a third of patients after undergoing Omicron experience post-covid problems.
17.02.2022, 10:38
A year after vaccination with the first component of the «Sputnik V» coronavirus vaccine, the majority of people who took part in the research had a high level of antibodies.


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