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31.08.2021, 14:49
The head of the European Commission called on other Europeans to get vaccinated and stated the need to strengthen measures for vaccination of residents of other countries of the world.
31.08.2021, 12:58
The main cause of severe cases of coronavirus infection that lead to death is a high concentration of coronavirus in the lungs.
30.08.2021, 17:28
As doctors found out, the 25-year-old girl's disease damaged the left insular lobe of the brain, which is responsible for taste perception and appetite control.
30.08.2021, 11:06

Most mutations reduce the chances of survival of the virus and are not taken into account when calculating the mutation rate.

26.08.2021, 10:35

There is more and more evidence that the effect of vaccinations against coronavirus is weakening after five to six months, writes the BBC.

26.08.2021, 10:15

There was named a reason for the resettlement of man around the world in Great Britain

25.08.2021, 14:07
Experts named products that protect against colds and flu in the fall
25.08.2021, 09:51
They did not confirm but did not refute neither the version of the transmission of the virus from animal to human, nor the version about the leakage of the virus from a laboratory in China.
24.08.2021, 11:24
Foods containing enough flavonoids can help lower blood pressure, according to
24.08.2021, 10:13

Scientists from the American University have found an antibody that is effective against all strains of coronavirus.

23.08.2021, 15:15
The doctor noted that now the «beta» strain is already being displaced from almost everywhere, so «lambda» should be considered as a possible mutation along with «gamma» and «delta».
23.08.2021, 10:57
In the value of the number pi, determined by the staff of the Graubünden Higher School, there are 62.8 billion characters after the decimal point.
20.08.2021, 10:15

Tesla Inc has announced the appearance in 2022 of a prototype humanoid robot model Tesla Bot of its own design, according to the specialized portal Teslarati.

19.08.2021, 15:18
The festival of robotics, during which the latest domestic developments will be demonstrated, including the android Robo-C, will be held for the first time within the framework of the Army forum.
19.08.2021, 10:17

Vaccination can help with infection with the "delta" strain of coronavirus, said Sumya Swaminatan, chief researcher at the World Health Organization.


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