OREANDA-NEWS. January 28, 2011. UFC Capital released daily market view:

Equity market. Over the course of the trading session on January 27, the Ukrainian Exchange Index changed direction many times. As the result of active demand in the last half hour of trading the indicator grew by 0.14% to 2662.35 points. The total trading volume was moderate and totaled 232.3 mln hryvnia, including 42.3 mln hryvnia from the futures market.

Alchevsk Iron and Steel (ALMK; SELL) was the top performing stock of the day in the UX Index list after growing 4.77%. In addition, its shares were traded for a total of 47.4 mln hryvnia, making the company the trading volume leader on the order-driven market as well. Shares of Centrenergo (CEEN; HOLD) and Ukrnafta (UNAF; SELL) were also actively traded, with trading volume reaching 24.5 mln hryvnia and 20.5 mln hryvnia respectively.

After releasing their financial results, Raiffeisen Bank Aval (BAVL; UNDER REVIEW) and Ukrsotsbank (USCB; UNDER REVIEW) shares increased in price by 1.62% and 1.61% respectively. Aside from this, Stakhanov Railcar (SVGZ; SELL) gained 2.17%.

On Thursday, Zakhidenergo (ZAEN; SELL) and Ukrtelecom (UTLM; UNDER REVIEW) were among the poorest performing stocks of the day, recording losses of 1.67% and 1.16% respectively.