OREANDA-NEWS. October 8, 2012. OJSC Magnit (the Company, the Issuer, MICEX and LSE: MGNT) announces the acquisition of shares by the entity which is under Issuers control.

Full company name and address:

joint-stock company Tander

185, Levanevskogo street, Krasnodar, Russia

Taxpayer Id Number:


Principal State Registration Number:


Object of acquisition:

voting shares of the Issuer

Amount of acquired shares:

2,400 shares (0.0025% of the total equity)

Basis for acquisition:

Securities Purchase Agreements executed in the organized trading of MICEX Stock Exchange

Amount of votes before acquisition:

48,609 votes (0.051 % of the total number of votes)

Amount of votes after acquisition:

51,009 votes (0.054% of the total number of votes)

Date of acquisition

October 1, 2012

Based in Krasnodar, in the Southern region of Russia, Open Joint Stock Company "Magnit (LSE and MICEX: MGNT, S&P: "BB-) is the holding company for a group of entities that operate in the retail trade under the "Magnit brand. The chain of "Magnit stores is one of the leading food retail networks in Russia. As of June 30, 2012 the chain consisted of 5,268 convenience stores, 98 hypermarkets, 5 "Magnit Family stores and 351 cosmetics stores (drogerie) in 1,461 locations in the Russian Federation.

Approximately two-thirds of the Companys stores are located in cities with a population of less than 500,000 inhabitants. Most of its stores are located in the Southern, North-Caucasian, Central and Volga regions. The Company also operates stores in the North-Western, Urals and Siberian regions.

As of June 30, 2012 the Company operated an in-house logistics system consisting of 16 distribution centers, employing automated stock replenishment systems and a fleet of 4,070 vehicles.

In accordance with the reviewed IFRS consolidated financial statements for 1H 2012, the Company recorded consolidated revenue of approximately USD 6,776 million and consolidated EBITDA of around USD 671 million.