OREANDA-NEWS. October 11, 2012. In Gostomel, Ukraine, at the international air show AVIASVIT-XXI, Russian Machines Corporation and ANTONOV Company signed a Protocol on cooperation on development of the programme of the AN-140 aircraft production at Aviacor plant.

The programme of development of the AN-140 aircraft production at Aviacor is planned for 5 years. In particular, it includes re-equipment and modernization of the enterprise facilities in order to launch a full-scale serial production, improvement of production cooperation with subcontractors as well as optimization of components provision system.

Within the limits of a joint work it is planned to develop and launch production of transport, cargo, ambulance and cartographical versions of the AN-140 as well as passenger airplanes of this type with increased capacity.

Another priority direction of the programme will be implementation of the digital technology in all stages of the AN-140 and its modifications life cycle.

At the signing ceremony, Sergei Likharev, Aviation business director of Russian Machines Corporation, Chairman of board of Aviacor plant, said: During several recent years, our business of aircraft construction represented by Aviacor plant achieved considerable success. However, increased productionof the AN-140 and new customers demands require to re-equip and upgrade facilities, to increase labour productivity and to develop new modifications of the aircraft. Fulfillment of these tasks is impossible without widening and deepening of cooperation with ANTONOV Company as well as with the other enterprises of Ukrainian aircraft industry.

Dmytro Kiva, President General Designer of ANTONOV Company, noted: Signing of this protocol is a part of realization of our joint with Russian partners policy directed to achievement of maximum economic efficiency of each of the joint projects. The taken measures will provide, in particular, decrease of working hours and prime cost of the aircraft, decrease of working hours for their production, accelerate the pace of airplanes delivery. The signed protocol is an initial point of a big joint programme of development of the AN-140 family intended for the effective work on the regional air-routes, first of all, on those ones if the CIS countries.