OREANDA-NEWS. August 09, 2013. "Ukraine according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNTWO) ranks 9th place in Europe in the number of tourists visiting the country. We aim to double, to 50 million people a year, the number of tourists that come to us by 2022.

Also, special attention is paid to the development of domestic tourism. A state program will develop with the participation of experts by the end of this year," vice Prime Minister Olexandr Vilkul said during a press conference at Government House, presenting a Concept of tourism and resorts development by 2022.

The Concept provides the specification of tourism specialization of regions for the most efficient use of resort facilities, natural and human potential.

"To achieve the outcome we should focus investments on the most attractive destinations according to a particular territory and invest them systematically in accordance with the strategy. An important tool for this is a public-private partnership," vice Prime Minister said.

For example, the first step in Poltava region can be the development of health resort Myrhorod and green tourism. "Because we understand that tourism it's not just some beautiful place, but it is primarily a service. And it is availability of hotels, roads, experienced staff, sufficient information on the Internet and in travel companies. The achieving this goal it is a gradual movement," Olexandr Vilkul said.

Industrial regions can develop industrial tourism and invite to massive cultural and musical events. A key objective of the Crimea is a creation of the infrastructure for 24-hour comfort as well as diversification of services, such as the development of trekking and pot-holing.

As a part of the Concept of Ukrainian legislation in the field of tourism and resorts will be brought into line with European standards. "Tourists should be sure that the service corresponds to the number of "stars" just like in any European country," he said.

The number of jobs in tourism is planed to increase in 2.5 times to 1 million jobs by 2022. "This is particularly important for Western Ukraine. Many Ukrainians have experience in the tourism sector abroad. We create the conditions for their return to Ukraine," Olexandr Vilkul said.

The principle of access to the objects of tourism and recreational infrastructure for people with disabilities laid down in the Concept of tourism development. "This is a European principle that we introduce in Ukraine," O. Vilkul said.

The State target program will provide a system of distributing information on tourism opportunities in Ukraine and improving the safety of tourists.

The program will also include measures on deregulation tourism activity, and improving statistical reporting in the field based on the methodology of the UNTWO.

“Important part of tourism development in Ukraine is the cooperation with other countries. For example, the development of cruise tourism in the Black Sea, organizing air travelling, joint tourist routes in the border areas. We’ve offered our neighbors a concept: we are partners in the development of the tourism industry. This is what we are going to talk at the International Tourism Forum to be held in Kyiv in October this year," Olexandr Vilkul noted.

International Travel forum is in Ukraine on October 10, 2013. It will be attended by Secretary-General of the UN World Tourism Organization Taleb Rifai, Ministers of Tourism of Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Moldova, Romania and Serbia. All these countries are part of the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation. From July 2013 to July 2015, Ukraine heads a working group on tourism of this European organization.

"Ukraine is interesting to the world," vice Prime Minister said. According to Tripadvisor Kyiv took first place in Europe and third place in the world in the ranking The Most Popular Travel Destinations in 2012. Crimea ranked in first place in the world among the "top-20 must-see places" in 2013 in the National Geographic. Lviv according to the Lonely Planet takes second place in the ranking of the best places in Europe for the weekend.

"Cultural events and sports events of world-level contribute to improvement of the image of our country," Olexandr Vilkul said.

This year The UNESCO added the Carpathian wooden churches and the Ancient City of Tauric Chersonese to the World Heritage List. In December 2013 Ukraine expects for obtaining the status of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO for the Petrykivka painting. In August 2013, Kyiv hosts FIBA Europe U16 European Championship and Eurobasket in 2015. Our country also competes to host the Winter Olympics in 2022.