OREANDA-NEWS. Under the instruction of SOCAR President, the Commission was set up to eliminate the accident followed by gas show at the exploration well #90 at Bulla-Deniz field.

The Commission members are comprised of specialists of SOCAR and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The 1st session of the Commission was held on August 19. bp-Azerbaijan experts attended the meeting as they offered assistance. The participants heard the info on the current state at the emergency site, solutions on removing the accident, as well as proposals of bp-Azerbaijan. After the discussions, corresponding divisions of SOCAR Security Department and Ministry of Emergency Situations are going to extinguish the fire by joint efforts.

The meeting was followed by preparing the preliminary program for the elimination of the accident, discussing works on eliminating the consequences of the fire, as well as giving specific tasks to the relevant organizations. Isolating works have been launched at the well under the given commands. The Commission continues its work on a daily basis.