OREANDA-NEWS.  Power Machines OJSC has manufactured the second of 22 umbrella-type vertical-shaft synchronous hydrogenerators with maximum capacity of 144.5 MW for Volzhskaya HPP. It is designed for hydropower unit No. 22.

A turnkey contract to replace 10 hydroturbines and 22 hydrogenerators at Volzhskaya HPP was concluded with RusHydro JSC in 2011. According to the contract terms Power Machines are to provide the design, manufacture, testing and delivery of 10 hydroturbines with maximum capacity of 145 MW and 22 generators with maximum capacity of 144.5 MW to the hydropower plant. The contractual obligations of Power Machines comprise a full range of works which includes, in addition to the manufacture, dismantling of the old equipment and installation of the new one, installation supervision and commissioning services. The equipment deliveries are to begin in 2013 and to be completed in 2021.

Earlier (in April this year) Power Machines manufactured the first generator for hydropower unit No. 21. At present production facilities of the power plant engineering company are working at the third generator equipment (for plant's hydropower unit No. 21).

Also Power Machines upgraded four turbines with increasing the rated capacity of each hydropower unit from 115 to 125.5 MW within the framework of Volzhskaya HPP upgrade project and according to the contract signed with RusHydro JSC in 2010.

Besides, the power plant engineering group is to supply 22 complete sets of hydrogenerator excitation system for Volzhskaya HPP by 2017. The corresponding contract was concluded in 2012.

The upgrade of the hydropower equipment will allow to significantly improve its reliability and performance, as well as to raise the installed capacity of Volzhskaya HPP.