OREANDA-NEWS. August 29, 2013. To implement the Party Central Committee and State Council's strategic deployment of ecological civilization construction, SGCC issued the electricity substitution program, to launch comprehensive electricity substitution within the company’s business area.

The program requires that all subsidiaries should actively promote the new model of consuming the distant electricity instead of coal and oil in the terminal market with its convenient, safe, clean and efficient advantages, in order to raise electricity consumption proportion, promote energy saving and solve the urban haze problem.

In the program, the company proposes to take the substitution technology, which is economic, convenient and easily adopted, as the starting point by launching the “SGCC Blue Sky Action of Serving Thousands of Families with Green Energy”,  actively seeking the governments’ support policies on environmental protection and subsidies and fully implementing the program to strive for 100TWh of substitute electricity till 2015. With the supporting policies gradually in place, by 2020, the total substitute electricity will reach 1000TWh, which will finally significantly improve the urban haze problem, and enhance energy development and utilization efficiency.

The program indicates that electricity substitution is an important measure to ensure the national energy security and an effective way to control the urban haze problem. Electricity’s comparative advantage is the base of the substitution. The focus of accelerating the comprehensive implementation of this policy is to vigorously promote the electricity consumption concept; implement the large-scale projects to replace coal and gas by electricity in central heating, business and other key areas; and actively push forward the development of electric cars and rail transport and “household electrification” among residents.

The program emphasizes that all units should actively seek the environmental protection and price policies of the substitution and improve the internal coordination mechanisms including the urban and rural power distribution network construction, to achieve the "one-stop" service from business expansion to power transmission. By fully playing the role of the energy-saving service system to provide a comprehensive service for customers, the company will also give full play to the company's R&D strength to update electricity applications, which will be widely used in the society. In addition, the company will strengthen trainings and experience exchanges, popularize the electricity substitution knowledge and promote successful experience.

The program is divided into three phases: prophase preparation, demonstration guidance and comprehensive implementation. All subordinate units are required to strengthen the organization and leadership and formulate their own specific work programs with thorough market researches, to ensure the funding and prioritize the investment of electricity substitution program to other grid constructions and technical transformations, to focus on publicity and trainings to create a favorable external environment, and to strengthen the statistical analysis and appraisal and bring the electricity substitution indicators into the benchmark assessment.