OREANDA-NEWS. For the first nine months of 2013, DTEK coal production enterprises produced 30.3 million ton of coal (+3.3 % compared to the period from January to September of 2012 ), thermal power plants supplied 38.1 billion kWh of electrical power (-1.2%), DTEK distribution enterprises purchased 43,9 billion kWh of electricity in the wholesale market of electrical power (+16 %).

Situation for electricity generation by thermal power plants in Ukraine is still difficult. In the period from January to September of 2013, total electricity consumption in Ukraine has decreased by 3.2% to 134.3 billion kWh, which is reflected in the performance indicators of major generating companies of Ukraine.

Due to reduction in electrical power consumption, supply of coal by coal production companies to thermal power stations decreased by 5.3%. Aside from that, the situation is complicated by the declining market for state-owned mines that produce G grade coal due to the interruption in the operation of the Uhlehirska thermal power plant.

“In conditions of coal surplus, DTEK fulfils its commitments to purchase fuel from the state-owned mines to maintain the normal rhythm of the coal mining industry of the country. The company acquired 2.2 million tons of coal from state mines, which certainly puts pressure on our coal mining indicators. DTEK keeps coal production at the level of the previous year due to the acquisition of new assets and increasing coal export. In addition to that, coal export enabled the company to stabilize electricity production: the level of the previous year was practically maintained for the first 9 months of this year. The company is making efforts to ensure positive dynamics of production. But we see that the situation in the domestic and foreign markets remains difficult. Despite this, DTEK is investing in the development of production - it is planning to direct UAH 8 billion into the modernization of its capacities in 2013”, DTEK's Chief Executive Officer Yuriy Ryzhenkov said, commenting on the results of the company for the first 9 months of 2013.