OREANDA-NEWS. December 02, 2013. VTB Group has extended the deadline for shareholders to submit proposals for the bank’s new strategy, Yelena Popova, a member of the bank’s Supervisory Council, announced at a shareholder day in Stavropol.

"When working on something as important as the bank’s new strategy, we should certainly take into consideration shareholders’ interests and needs," she said. "As of today, the Shareholder Consultative Council has received over 40 proposals. We appreciate all our minority holders’ efforts and active involvement and have decided to extend the deadline for comments and proposals until 15 December. Your opinion is important to us."

More than 100 people attended the Stavropol event, including shareholders, investors, potential shareholders, journalists, and students.

Discussion focused on the new VTB Group development strategy for 2014–2016. VTB officials discussed in detail the bank’s governance structure and financial results, and its shareholder liaison and dividend policies.

Representatives of VTB 24’s Investment Department spoke about current stock market trends, strategies and tools for investing in securities, and ways of making money in declining as well as rising markets.

Viktor Kuzmenko, head of VTB in the North Caucasus Federal District, delivered a brief report on the bank’s operations in the area. "VTB Group has 51 point-of-sales in the North Caucasus Federal District," he said. "We have a 12% share in local lending services and account for 10% of the deposit market. Our clients include the biggest local corporations. As a result, the bank’s activity benefits the entire regional economy, as well as specific industries."

The shareholder day in Stavropol is latest next in a series of meetings with minority shareholders that VTB is holding across the country. The bank will hold a similar event in Kazan in December, and plans to hold nine more shareholder days next year. The meetings are open to anyone interested as well as VTB shareholders and clients.