OREANDA-NEWS. December 03, 2013. By the end of the year GAZ Group will deliver 45 LIAZ buses to Saint Petersburg. Total contract price amounts to RUR 465 M. Starting from 2014, 30 CNG (methane) LIAZ 5292.71 buses and 15 LIAZ-6213.71 articulated buses will be operated on the routes of Passazhirautotrans company, Saint Petersburg. Auction for delivery of environmentally friendly passenger transport was organized by Transportation Committee of Saint Petersburg.

Low-floor LIAZ-5292.71 bus is designed for operation on the city routes with heavy passenger traffic: due to low floor enabling easy and comfortable passenger access to the bus, on-route time reduces by 15%. The bus is equipped with MAN Евро-5+ (EEV) gas-power engine, ZF automatic transmission and axles. Gas fuel is filled-in nine cylinders, 102 l each, located in the bus roof. Total passenger capacity of LIAZ-5292.71 bus is 97 passengers, including 21 seats and 1 seat for limited-mobility passengers.“Kneeling” system (7° body tilt to the door side), power-driven ramp, spacious and equipped place for wheel-chairs provides comfortable conditions for all categories of passengers. Wraparound windshield and big side windows provide for wide view angle for the driver and passengers.

Low-floor LIAZ-6213.71 articulated bus is also very useful on the routes with heavy passenger traffic. It is competed with MAN Евро-5+ (EEV) gas-power engine, ZF automatic 6-speed transmission and axles. The bus is designed for 150 people. IN the compartment there are 34 seats and one additional sear for limited-mobility passengers. LIAZ-6213.71 is equipped with body tilt “kneeling” system, power-driven ramp. Due to low floor level, spacious compartment, comfortable place for wheel-chairs, the passenger flow speed is high in this bus. LIAZ-6213.71 bus was called the best bus from the point of view of ownership cost by the independent experts of ASM-Holding and “Za rulem” magazine.