OREANDA-NEWS.   The Bank of Moscow together with S7 Airlines and the Visa global payment system have launched a new product for those who love to travel — a co-branded card S7-The Bank of Moscow-Visa.

The S7-The Bank of Moscow-Visa card is the first offer of the Bank of Moscow that was elaborated with international partners. It combines all the advantages of the Visa Classic and Visa Gold credit and debit cards and has a modern eye-catching design.

Owners of the new cards will automatically become participants of the program S7 Priority and will have an option to collect bonus miles while making daily purchases with the card and also flying with S7 Airlines, the partner-airlines and enjoying services of other numerous partners of the S7 Priority program.

When a Visa Classiс card is issued the account of the S7 Priority participant is replenished with 2,000 "welcoming" miles, and if a Visa Gold card is issued the S7 Priority participant is presented with 4,000 "welcoming" miles. The participant receives 1 bonus mile for every RUB 30 spent with Visa Classic and 1.25 bonus miles for every RUB 30 spent with Visa Gold.

In exchange for collected miles the participant can receive an award ticket or upgrade the service class on the S7 Airlines flights and on the flights of the 12 major partner-airlines1 of S7 Airlines within the oneworld® global airline alliance.

One can set a pre-approved credit limit on the "S7-the Bank of Moscow-Visa" card of up to RUB 750,000 with a fixed rate of interest — 19.9% or 29.9% per annum — and a grace period of up to 50 days.

All types of cards additionally provide for:

free SMS reporting service;
the S7 Priority program benefits;
discounts within the Visa Bonus program for the Visa Classic card owners and within the Visa World of Benefits program for the owners of the Visa Gold cards.
Natalia Konovalova, Vice President -Director of the Retail Product Department of the Bank of Moscow, said: "Together with the partners we have made a current offer for those who prefer modern ways of payment and travel a lot. This is an important step for the Bank of Moscow and its development of new products that meet specific needs of different client segments. I hope that our clients all over Russia who own credit cards will appreciate and enjoy our new offer".

Natalia Nikolaeva, Director of the Loyalty Program Development of S7 Airlines, said: "The new co-branded card does not only allow to pay for purchases in a convenient way, but also gives extra options for traveling. Together with the partners S7 Airlines offers flights to over 850 destinations in 150 countries. By paying for everyday purchases with the card the owners can easily collect bonus miles — the only thing left to do is choose the destination for the next trip".

Andrew Torre, CEO of Visa in Russia, noted: "Visa has great experience in the implementation of such joint projects in different countries. Practice has shown that the co-branded Visa cards, especially with airlines, are used more often to pay for purchases than common Visa cards. In this regard, we welcome the new S7-The Bank of Moscow-Visa card which provides real options for saving personal and family budget and we are certain that it will become popular among travelers".