OREANDA-NEWS. BM&FBOVESPA announces the first preview for the BOVESPA Index theoretical portfolio, which will be valid for the period of January 6 -May 2, 2014, based on the closing of the November 29, 2013 session. The preview registers the entrance of BBSEGUIRIDADE ON (BBSE3), ECORODOVIAS ON (ECOR3), ESTACIO PART ON (ESTC3), EVEN ON (EVEN3), QUALICORP ON (QUAL3) onto the Ibovespa portfolio, which is now made up of 72 stocks from 68 companies.

The five stocks with the heaviest weight in this index were: Petrobras PN (8.589%), Vale PNA (8.088%),Itauunibanco PN (6.568%), Bradesco PN (5.478%) and Petrobras ON (4.276%).

In comparison, the stocks with the heaviest weighting in the Ibovespa portfolio for September 2, 2013 - January 3, 2014 were: Vale PNA (8.278), Petrobras PN (7.667%), Itauunibanco PN (4.479%), OGX Petroleo ON (4.390%) and Bradesco PN (3.615%).

BM&FBOVESPA regularly announces three new previews for the indices. The first preview is disclosed in the first trading session of the last month of the existing portfolio, the second in the trading session that follows the 15th of the last month of the existing portfolio and the third in the last trading session or the last month of the existing portfolio. The Exchange also announces the portfolios of the other indices that it calculates. The changes are in the annexed files.