OREANDA-NEWS. The NTT Communications Group CSR Report 2013 presents NTT Com's achievements in the fields of society, the environment and human resources, presented from the viewpoints of both the NTT Com Group and its stakeholders. NTT Com has active CSR programs in each of these three fields as a "Global ICT Partner" that provides customers with total ICT outsourcing services for more prosperous and sustainable societies.

Highlights in the society section include WideAngle, a comprehensive security service encompassing risk analysis, countermeasures and monitoring. NTT Com introduced the service worldwide in June to provide safe and secure ICT environments on a standardized basis for companies with global operations.

The environment section includes initiatives to ensure the energy efficiency of NTT Com's expanding number of data centers worldwide, including those in the UK operated by Gyron, which were acquired last year. The UK data centers achieve world-class energy savings by using naturally cooled air to help keep servers cool in low-temperature months.

The report's human resources section presents NTT Com's efforts to strengthen its globally competitive workforce, including the hiring of non-Japanese employees to develop more globally diversified talent in its corporate headquarters in Japan. Recent hires included individuals from the United States, India, China and Korea.

The digest version of the report, produced to reduce paper consumption, summarizes CSR policies and activities of special importance to NTT Com's stakeholders. The online version, which is the full report, presents the company's environmental activities and performance in detail.