OREANDA-NEWS. December 16, 2013. Publications on Snoras' bankruptcy and topics related to the bankruptcy process appearing in Respublika and Vakaro Zinios dailies were biased, provided no right of response and the articles published by the dailies were derogatory against the bank's bankruptcy administrator.

This was the decision of the Inspector for Ethics in Journalism which warned the publishers of both dailies for the breach of the Law on Public Information.

According to the decision of the Office of the Inspector for Ethics in Journalism, recently received by the Snoras bankruptcy administrator, the analysis covered several dozen articles published in Respublika and Vakaro Zinios dailies and online at Respublika.lt in 2012 and 2013. 

"Unethical publication of information by reporters has misled the bank's creditors, investors and the general public and such actions cannot be tolerated. The continued and deliberate publication of biased information undermines trust and confidence in the bankruptcy process, the entire banking system and the operation of the law", says Neil Cooper, Snoras bankruptcy administrator.

According to Neil Cooper, all of Snoras' bankruptcy procedures have been implemented to the highest standards of ethics and are carried out according to Lithuanian law and international best practice.