OREANDA-NEWS. November 26, 2015. Climate change poses a severe threat to Africa, the world’s most vulnerable region. But it also offers a huge opportunity. A new paper from the African Development Bank explains how the COP21 climate talks in Paris in December can help Africa deal with the threat and seize the opportunity.

Africa is particularly vulnerable to climate change. Yet it produces only 4 percent of the world’s greenhouse gases. It’s only right for the countries that caused the problem to help Africa adapt to its effects. That’s climate justice.

Africa can do much more than adapt, though. Adapting to climate change while minimising emissions can help drive the economic transformation that Africa needs. Climate-resilient, low-carbon development can boost growth, create jobs and lift people out of poverty. It can also bridge Africa’s crippling energy deficit.

To take advantage of this opportunity, Africa needs investment.

In its new paper, the Africa Development Bank spells out how it is investing its own resources and mobilising new sources of finance. The paper also shows why wider international cooperation is crucial – and needs to be ambitious, efficient and properly financed.

At COP21, every country in the world must commit to serious climate action to limit average global warming to 2?C. Global climate action must also invest in a low-carbon future in which every African has access to modern energy.

“Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time in development. COP21 presents a unique opportunity to meet that challenge. The voice of Africa is crucial to ensure the success of COP21. And the voice of Africa will be heard.”

—Akinwumi Adesina, President of the African Development Bank Group