OREANDA-NEWS. April 07, 2016. Lincoln recently announced the opening of Nanchang Rulin Lincoln Store, the first in Jiangxi province. Jiangxi has long been a key industrial and agricultural hub in Central China, and the shift of China’s development engine from the coastline inward adds new potential to the province.

Such development also accelerates the shift in luxury shopping and consumption. The new generation of consumers regard luxury as more than a mere statement of net worth, but also an expression of individuality.

Capturing this opportunity, Lincoln had a fruitful year in 2015 with just under 12,000 vehicles sold and 33 dealerships open across China. The historic American luxury brand will continue its expansion in 2016, with 60 Lincoln Stores in 50 cities by the year-end.

“We are encouraged by the consumer feedback across China and are thrilled to serve our Nanchang customers with our one-size-fits-one approach,” said Robert Parker, president, Lincoln China. “With The Lincoln Way, we bring the unique personalized brand journey to the most discerning customers.”

The Lincoln Way, for a New Generation of Customers

Lincoln’s successful launch in China has been built around The Lincoln Way, an innovative new model for luxury automotive ownership.  In the traditional automotive purchase and ownership model, customers are processed in an impersonal and detached manner. However, The Lincoln Way aims to treat each customer individually, prioritizing relationships above transactions.

All Lincoln stores use clean elegant designs, harmonious colors and quality materials. The overall effect is a warm, inviting environment that customers associate with the living room of a home or a five-star boutique hotel lobby.

The dedicated Lincoln Team are prepared to cater to the needs of each individual customer. With special education on hospitality and luxury at The Lincoln Institute, The Lincoln Team can expect customer needs and gauge when to allow for self-exploration and when to provide assistance.

Personalized test drive routes can be scheduled online or at any dealership, service hours can be extended when necessary, and full transparency is available via a live video feed.

This unique experience has also been extended online with The Virtual Lincoln Way project. Customers can tour a virtual dealership, learn more about the Lincoln brand and products, and have video chats with a Lincoln Host. As more functionalities are added to The Virtual Lincoln Way, it will help customers manage everything from shopping a vehicle to arranging at-home pick-ups for a test drive.

Expanding Product Portfolio Enhances Personalized Experiences

Also complementing Lincoln’s development in China is Lincoln’s competitive and growing product portfolio.

The current Lincoln product lineup includes the mid-size premium sedan Lincoln MKZ, the medium premium utility Lincoln MKC, the medium-large-sized premium utility Lincoln MKX and the full-size luxury SUV Lincoln Navigator.

“All of these are positioned in popular segments and offer competitive offerings at key price points,” said Zhang Qiang, general manager, Nanchang Rulin Lincoln Store. “Together with The Lincoln Way, these vehicles will provide distinct driving and passenger experience, and the Lincoln brand will become a new highlight in the local market.”

Lincoln will launch another model in China – the legendary full-size luxury sedan Lincoln Continental, bringing Lincoln’s most sophisticated expression of Quiet Luxury.