OREANDA-NEWS. The World Health Organization (WHO) has no complaints about the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine itself, there were only organizational issues, said the head of the Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko.

"We had to draw up and transfer a package of documents according to certain rules, they have now been completed and are being introduced. Those disagreements that have been, all have been removed," the minister said at the plenary session of the Biotechmed forum.

He stressed that representatives of the organization had no comments on the quality of the drug itself.

Last week, Murashko met with WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus in Geneva. At it, as the head of the Russian department noted, the parties were convinced that there were no obstacles to work on the recognition of Sputnik.

The general director of the vaccine development institute of the N.F. Gamaleya Research Institute, Alexander Gintsburg, said earlier that the main difficulties on this path are associated with the struggle for funds from international monetary funds, from which vaccinations are financed in countries that could not develop their own analogue or do not have money for purchases. According to him, these are tens of billions of dollars.

Negotiations on the line of the regulator in the European market are continuing. Gunzburg suggested that they will last for a long time. The EMA regulator has not yet recognized any of the existing Russian vaccines for COVID-19, although some countries have separately used Sputnik V.

The drug has been undergoing a gradual examination procedure since March 4. EMA spokesman Marco Cavaleri said that he could not yet announce the specific dates of registration, since additional information was required. The Russian side insists that it has already provided all the necessary documents.